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91,000 tons of waste is sent to landfills each year in Southwest Colorado. Of that 24.2% is paper, 17.6% is food waste, 6.8% is yard waste, and 13.1% is other organic material. This comes out to 61.7% total, or 56,147 tons of organic waste.

Composting Information

Unfortunately these organic materials are being wasted. Not all, but most of the 56,147 tons could be composted, and repurposed as fertilizer. These organic materials that we throw away could be used to grow food, instead of relying on fertilizers that can pollute our rivers and streams.

In Southwest Colorado, 13.5% of the population struggle with food insecurity. That means one in eight people in our community are without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. Composting can help community gardens grow more food to address this issue.

Southwest Colorado generates large amounts of organic waste. Almost all of this material ends up in landfills, which takes up the majority space at these facilities. Most of this waste could be repurposed as compost, which could help our gardens and crops grow. Meanwhile there are thousands of people who do not get enough of the food they need. Please consider composting when possible and help give new life to the food that has to be thrown away.

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91,000 tons of waste is sent to landfills each year in Southwest Colorado.

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